Monday, May 21, 2012

Josephine's Restaurant Tagaytay - Buffet / Eat All You Can on Mother's Day

Josephine's Restaurant Tagaytay - Eat All You Can 
May 13, 2012, we celebrated Mother's Day at Josephine's Restaurant in Tagaytay.

We learned that they already have the buffet eat all you can diner available and so we opted in for a table for 4 which includes 2 moms in the family.

My wife, my mom, me and my father. They also have the ala carte diner upon your own choice if you've grown tired of eating buffet.

Dad's Restaurant branch in Glorietta - cost and plate choices for eat all you can

We just celebrated in another eat all you can restaurant in Manila, particularly in Makati City. We ate at Dad's restaurant otherwise known as Dad's Ultimate Buffet restaurant. It was a nice experience eating here.

We got a song serenade by their night's band. An old song request from me for which I gave a tip to the singers. It's 2 songs for a 100 bucks plus a song greeting my mom on her special day. Only You and A love Story did it. It put a smile on mom and dad as they get the song through their hearts trying probably to remember the old days when a love story was still on the process of building up between them.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant in Robinson's Place Malate Mabini

Two weeks ago, we went to Robinson's Place mall in Adriatico, Mabini. We are on our way to reserve for 2 tickets to Kalibo, Aklan because the family will be off to Boracay for a vacation. Naturally, if you are in a mall, the first thing you would want is to know if there are any nearby or inside restaurants where you can eat a decent meal.

After the reservation of 2 tickets for my brother and a nephew. After going through an easy process of reservation despite full load. We went out. By the way, the trick we did in order to make it easier for us to go on the first of the line without harassing anyone or going against the rules of first come first serve and by number basis is to take with you an adult who is a senior citizen. Let him or her do the honors of talking to the customer service representative to see if there are any special priviliges for seniors with respect to falling in line. Poof! we are a priority now and so it made us a lot easier to take care of the reservation.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Andoks Restaurant in Caticlan Boracay

If you are in Kalibo or Boracay, you won't know what or where to eat. But the fact that we went to Boracay last May 5, 2011 surely had us all reeling for good a restaurant to eat to but we failed. Most restos out there near the Caticlan Jetty Port cater to local food but sad to say, they all failed my taste buds.

Also sad to say we had to go for Andoks fastfood. It was perhaps the only decent eating center for tourists both local Pinoys and foreigners there who take refuge from the heat of the sun and from hunger. We all had the same just before finally going to Boracay for a swim via the Jetty Port. wow! what an experience. The service in that outlet compared to Manila is by the way really very poor.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Restaurants Catering to Dates

There surely are a lot of restaurants in Manila that cater to people who are going out for a date. If you are one of them, you might want to take a peek at our list of restaurants that we have featured here in our blog so you can choose which. VEry short description is what we have here and although that is the case, still you can manage to get a tip of two from us which might help you choose the right place to eat and be romantic.

Well for those who stumbled upon single parent dating online, if ever your dream dates appear to come over to the Philippines for dinner or two with you, please feel free to write us your comments so we can give you a nice tip where your budget will speak for the right venue you can afford. Good luck and have fun.