Monday, October 27, 2008

Kamayan Restaurant Eat All You Can

Just two weeks ago, we ate at Kamayan Restaurant in Greenhills when my nephew was baptized at the Santuario De San Jose inside a Greenhills subdivision and the reception was held in Kamayan Restaurant. We all had a good time eating there and it is the first time that we experienced something different from a restaurant in Manila where the system of eating is based on the color of the plate that you will pick up in the large dining area.

Kamayan was one of the most accommodating and best manila restaurants in greenhills ever that we have been to. We ate so much of the food and I really like the plating system wherein when you eat on a plate colored light blue, you get to eat all of the available food from Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, Indian, Filipino and more. When you take the yellow plate, it means that you can only either choose to eat in any of the different tables (only 1 table) where a variety of food is available for eat all you can.

The blue plate is the best because there is no limit there of what you want to eat as long as your tummy can accommodate the food. No limit in eating means in a restaurant that it is indeed one of the best restos out there that you can eat at. Another sweet thought we all enjoyed is the music there wherein they have an acoustic band playing in four for the people eating inside. There is an option that allows you to give a little tip for the singers to sing in front of you and your colleagues in the table with your requested song. The banjo is good as well as the voices of the singers, one female and 3 male with two of them playing the guitar while the other is playing the banjo.

For those of you looking to eat something more than what you think, I would suggest that you eat at Kamayan Restaurant, one of the best Manila restaurants there is. The food and the service is simply the best.